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Public Case and Hearings Information

Court Reporter Transcripts

A transcript of a court proceeding is a verbatim record of everything said in the hearing or trial by the judge, attorneys, witnesses, parties and others.

If a hearing or trial was recorded by a court reporter, the court reporter is responsible for preparing a transcript of the hearing as required by law or upon request.

Except for transcripts prepared for certain criminal matters, all other parties requesting transcripts are required to pay the reporters for preparing transcripts at the rate prescribed by law.

Judicial Administrative Records

Effective January 1, 2010, Rule 10.500 of the California Rules of Court (WEB) sets forth comprehensive public access provisions applicable to judicial administrative records maintained by State trial and appellate courts, the Judicial Council and the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

"Judicial administrative records" show how a court manages public funds allocated to pay for its operational costs. Such records include, but are not limited to, baseline budget information, quarterly financial statements, revenue and reserve reports, copies of contracts with vendors and final audit reports.

Request administrative records by completing and submitting this form:

Judicial Administrative Record Request Form

Request to Attend a Court Hearing

Due to COVID-19, Stanislaus Superior Court will limit the number of persons who can access the Modesto Main Courthouse (800 11th Street and 1100 I Street). To protect the health and safety of our community during this pandemic, access will be limited to parties, attorneys, summoned jurors, subpoenaed witnesses, court security personnel, court employees, law enforcement appearing in court as part of their official duties, individuals filing documents or requesting assistance from the clerk's office, one (1) support person pursuant to Family Code section 6303, approved vendors, contractors and delivery persons, and any other individuals who have been permitted by Court order.

If the Clerk’s Office is not open, you may file using the drop boxes located outside the Clerk’s Office.

Remote public access to non-confidential court hearings in Criminal case is available through a video livestream.

If you do not have a case on calendar, but would like to attend the hearing in-person, you may complete the "Request to Attend Court Hearing" form. Questions and completed forms can be directed to .

A judge will review the request and either grant or deny it.

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