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a fine reduction for your eligible infraction offense using the new MyCitations tool.

Sign Up for Traffic School

Sign Up Online for Traffic School

Once you have signed-up online, follow the “instructions for accessing an online list of traffic violator school (TVS) Providers” located near the bottom of this web page.  You will need to access DMV’s list to sign up for your classes with your traffic school provider. 

Note: If you have scheduled a trial (Court Trial or Trial By Written Declaration) you will not be able to sign up for traffic school until after your trial has taken place and the court has issued an order. If you are ordered to pay a fine and you now wish to request traffic school after the trial is finished, you must first pay the fine that was ordered at your trial.

Once your bail has been paid post-trial, you must then contact the Traffic Court clerk's office to request traffic school be added to your case. If you are eligible for traffic school, the clerk's office will process your request for Traffic School. You will not be able to request it online. It must be arranged through contact with the clerk's office either in person, by mail, or by drop box (with the appropriate $52.00 traffic school fee).

Information About Traffic Violator School

You may choose to attend Traffic Violator School for certain moving violations. You are eligible if:

  • You are not currently attending traffic school;
  • You have not attended traffic school for a citation issued within the last 18 months (from violation date to violation date);
  • You do not hold a Commercial Class A, B or C license (while driving a commercial vehicle).
  • Commercial drivers who were cited on or after 1/1/2013: Drivers who hold a commercial driver’s license who were cited in a non-commercial vehicle are able to attend traffic school, as long as all other eligibility requirements are met
    (Per AB1888 effective January 1, 2013.)
  • California Driver's license is required to be able to attend traffic school
    Drivers with an out of state license are not eligible to attend traffic school

Ways to request traffic school

  • In Person: By visiting the Traffic Court Clerk’s Office, located at 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355
  • By Mail: By sending a written request to sign up for Traffic School, along with the appropriate fees to 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355.
  • By Drop Box: Placing a written request to sign up for Traffic School, along with the appropriate fees in the Court's drop box located at 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355.
  • By Email (for information/instructions) at

In order to request traffic school, you will be required to pay:

  • Your full bail (cost of your ticket), plus
  • $52.00 non-refundable fee to the Court;
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope (if made by mail);
  • A separate fee to the traffic school. School fees may vary depending on which school you choose.

Your request for traffic school must be made prior to your court date.

Once the Court receives your payment (full bail and $52.00), your Court date will be extended by 90 days to allow you time to complete traffic school, and your new “due by” date will be either 90 days out from your hearing date if ordered in Court, or 90 days out from the day you opted to take Traffic School with the Court. If you received a minute order from the Court, your due by date will be listed on the order. If you would like additional information, please either send us an email at, or call us at (209) 530-3100, option 1, during phone hours from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Traffic school options include in-classroom and home study (online) programs. You are responsible for signing up for traffic violators school with one of the approved providers listed on the links below. You will have 90 days to complete the course. It is your responsibility to locate a traffic school provider, using the Department of Motor Vehicles List of Traffic School Providers (link below) and to complete the training within 90 days.

The traffic violator school will send a notice of completion electronically to DMV. You will not receive additional notices from the Court, unless you fail to complete your traffic school or fail to appear or pay bail.

Once you have signed up for traffic school, you can find out more information on traffic schools that are offered at the following website address:

Department of Motor Vehicles List of Traffic School Providers (randomized list):

If you have additional questions about traffic school options, you can also email the Traffic Court clerks at

Once all fees are paid and the certificate showing successful completion of traffic school is filed with the Court prior to your court date, your case will be reported to DMV as a successful completion of traffic school (confidential conviction.)

As of 7/1/2011, a traffic school completion will be reported as a confidential conviction to DMV. DMV will verify that you were eligible for traffic school and your conviction will either count as a confidential conviction or a regular conviction, depending upon your eligibility.

Important notes

  • If you do not successfully complete Traffic Violator School before your next Court date, you will need to contact the Court prior to the due date so additional arrangements can be made.
  • If you have not completed Traffic Violator School and have not appeared to make arrangements prior to your due date, you may be subject to a failure to appear and/or forfeiture of any bail amounts you have paid.
  • If you are eligible for traffic school and decide not to attend or complete traffic school, your auto insurance may be adversely affected.

Commercial Drivers

Attention commercial drivers signing up for traffic violator school: Contact with DMV is required (After completion) to mask driver's license point

DMV has notified the Court that commercial drivers who complete traffic school for citations received while driving non-commercial vehicles (under AB1888, effective 1/1/2013) will have to contact one of the DMV’s Driver Safety Offices from one of the choices below in order to have the point masked from their driving record. Per DMV, this is a temporary “workaround” until DMV’s programming is in place.


The instructions for accessing DMV's list of Traffic Violator School Providers are listed here to help you access the list, and to know what type of information you will need for your school to report your completion results.

Instructions: Accessing an Online List of Traffic School Providers

All Traffic Violator School (TVS) providers are listed on DMV’s website, under the Occupational License Status Information System section. Instructions are as follows:

The website link to start the log-in is:

When you click on this link, it brings up a “Find a traffic school" button on the left, and there are steps 1 through 6 listed under "To find a traffic school...". Read through the steps and follow them to reach the traffic school list.

Once you locate a traffic school provider, you will need four items to sign up and provide to the school in order for you to receive credit for your court case:

  1. Your Case#

  2. Your Citation #

  3. Your Driver’s License#

  4. Your Court’s Special Reporting Code: 50450 (Court Code)

Please note that your case number or your citation number is required to be used under the "Reference" number your school provides to the DMV.

You will sign up with the Traffic Violator School Provider, who will also charge for their service of providing the course to you. They are an independent business, and the Court is not involved in their business details.

If you do not have at least a case# or citation #, you can look up your information online at the Court’s case search link at:

Screenshot of Stanislaus Public Portal

After you complete Traffic School

  1. Once you complete your Traffic Violator School, your provider will report the completion to DMV. The Court will access DMV’s information, and pull a list of cases that have completed Traffic Violator School. We will update the cases by due date, and the completion will show up in the case portal. You will be able to see it there.

  2. Please note: Your case is not complete until you have completed both of the following actions:

    1. Paid in Full, including additional traffic school fee of $52.00

    2. Traffic School is complete and shows as completed in the Court’s case management system.

    3. The Court will report your Traffic School Dismissal to your driver's record once this has all been completed.

If you have questions, you can contact the Traffic Court Clerk’s office at, or you can call (209) 530-3100, option 1, during the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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