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What is a Jury Trial?

Roles of judge, lawyers and jurors

During a trial, the judge serves as the Court's presiding officer and is the final authority on questions of law. The lawyers act as advocates for their clients' sides of the case. As a juror, you will listen to opening statements and closing arguments presented by the lawyers. You will also learn about and weigh the evidence that is introduced during the trial.

Juror Deliberations

After hearing all of the evidence and arguments, you will retire to discuss the case. This process is called "juror deliberations." Its purpose is to allow the jurors to make a decision about the questions presented in the case and then render a verdict on the case.

The trial process includes:

  • Jury selection;
  • The trial, which consists of opening statements, presentation of evidence, closing arguments and jury instructions;
  • Juror deliberations; and
  • Reading of the verdict.

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