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Office Closure:

The Traffic Court clerk's office and courtroom Dept 20 at 2260 Floyd Ave in Modesto are temporarily closed as of 9/27/2023. We will provide more information soon.

Budget Notice

Judicial Council Approval


At the July 21, 2023 business meeting, the Judicial Council approved 2023-24 Trial Court Trust Fund (TCTF) and General Fund allocations to the trial courts.

Allocation Workbook

To assist courts with budgeting allocations, this year’s allocation workbook includes two worksheets that display the trial court allocations and the Workload Formula allocations separately:

  • The “TC Allocations” tab displays 2023-24 trial court base and non-base allocations and includes general ledger numbers for each allocation. Columns T through W display the non-TCTF allocations.
  • The “WF Allocation” tab displays the 2023-24 Final Workload Allocation (column Y), the 2023-24 Workload Formula (“need”) (column Z), and Workload Formula Percentage (column AA).

Also included is the 2023-24 Workload Formula which includes the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Resource Assessment Study, and Full-Time Equivalent need.

Judicial Council Reports

The Judicial Branch Budget Committee and Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee reports to the council provide helpful detail regarding the allocations, and can be viewed by following the links below on the California Courts website:

The final reduction for fund balances above the 3 percent cap, based on courts’ final 2022-23 year-end fund balance figures, will occur following Judicial Council approval at its January 2024 business meeting.

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