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Case Research Process

Accessing Civil Case Files

The Court makes most civil case records available online at Public Portal - Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus. 

Harassments can only be viewed at the counter in the civil clerk’s office or on a court kiosk.

Some older, inactive cases are stored at off-site locations. A Research Request Form may be required to access these cases and it can take several days to retrieve the file(s).  A valid, photo ID is required to view physical files.

Research and Copy Requests


Search Fee                                         $15.00
Ordering files from off-site:     
Regular (1-2 week delivery)   $10.00
Urgent (4 hour delivery)           $55.00
Emergency (2 hour delivery)  $95.00
Copies per page                             $0.50
Certification per document    $40.00

Required Items:

•    Case number or year filed
•    Full name of plaintiff or defendant

Large copy requests (100+ pages):

•    Must be paid in advance
•    Require a $50.00 deposit

When making a request by mail please include a:

•    Research Request Form or a letter requesting which documents, specifically, should be copied
•    Self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for returning copies
•    Check or money order payable to Stanislaus County Superior Court which includes the $15.00 search fee as well as copy fees.

If copy request fees are unknown, customers may submit a blank check with a note “not to exceed” and the amount of anticipated costs.

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