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Welcome to the Juvenile Division of The Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus. This division is responsible for handling Court related matters for individuals under the age of 18.

Juvenile Division

There are three types of cases processed under the juvenile law title:

  1. Juvenile Dependency - Cases involving allegations of abuse or neglect, or when parents are unable to care for their child
  2. Juvenile Justice  - Cases involving youth who have committed law violations or school absence/truancy-related issues
  3. Juvenile Traffic (infractions) - Most traffic matters will be handled with the main Traffic Division on Floyd Ave.  More severe charges may be heard in a Juvenile Justice Courtroom.  The issued citation will state which location the minor will need to contact in order to resolve the case.

Most juvenile court-related information is confidential.  It must be requested in person and is limited to those who are allowed access by law – see Welfare and Institutions Code 827-828.  Photo identification is required when seeking access to case related information.  The Clerk of the Court cannot provide confidential information over the phone.  

Juvenile records are retained by the Court for approximately 20 years after a minor reaches age 18.  An individual may petition the Court for a copy of their own juvenile court records at any time during that 20-year retention period.  For all records that are stored off-site, a mandatory fee is required for off-site file retrieval. 

A juvenile record is not sealed automatically. Persons interested in sealing their juvenile record may contact the Juvenile Probation Department at 2215 Blue Gum Avenue for information. The Probation Department will file paperwork with the Court, on the person's behalf, to request that the record be sealed. If the record is ordered to be sealed, notice will be sent to all agencies to seal all records.

The statutory law that governs juvenile matters are covered in Sections 300 (Dependency) and 601/602 (Delinquency) of the Welfare and Institution Codes. For additional information, please see the Judicial Council's self-help website that offers information for families, parents, children, care-givers, etc. This site offers information regarding the process, forms, options, and videos on a wide range of subjects including juvenile justice, juvenile dependency, non-minor dependency, how cases begin, and what options are available to those persons involved with the juvenile court system.

Juvenile Forms

For Juvenile Forms, go to:

Common Forms & Packets

The information posted on this website is not intended to constitute legal advice or to take the place of the assistance of competent legal counsel. you should speak to an attorney of your choice for specific information about the facts of your case and your right.

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