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The Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Act intends to provide mental health and related services to individuals who meet specific criteria. Stanislaus is one of the first seven counties to implement the CARE Act.

The Court is accepting petitions at Windows #10 and #11 in the Family Law lobby at 1100 I St in Modesto. Petitions can also be filed electronically. The Self-Help Center will assist walk-in petitioners.

Court Process

All cases will begin with a petition (form CARE-100). The form states who is eligible to be a petitioner.

A judge will review the petition to determine if the petitioner made an initial showing that the respondent may meet the CARE criteria. After subsequent reports and hearings, a judge will decide if the respondent meets the criteria. If the parties reach an agreement or the Court adopts a plan, then the Court will hold review hearings.

Respondents who meet the criteria will receive services for up to one year. At that point they may graduate from the program, remain in the program, or the Court may involuntarily reappoint them to the program. If they remain in the program, then they will receive services for up to one additional year.

Additional Resources

  • Court Forms
    • These forms are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean
    • CARE-050-INFO: Information for Petitioners—About the CARE Act 

    • CARE-060-INFO: Information for Respondents—About the CARE Act 

    • CARE-100: Petition to Commence CARE Act Proceedings 

    • CARE-101: Mental Health Declaration—CARE Act Proceedings

  • California Courts Overview
    • Includes instructions for completing and filing a petition
    • Specifies who is eligible for CARE Court and which conditions are not eligible
    • Specifies who can file a petition
    • Contains additional resources available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean
  • CARE Act Resource Center
    • Contains information and trainings on topics in CARE Court
  • Stanislaus County Behavioral Health Agency 
    • Programs, services, and resources available through Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

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