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Judicial Assignments

Judicial Assignments

Effective 03/11/2024

Dept Judge Assignments
  1 Dawna Reeves Criminal
  2 Shawn Bessey Criminal
  3 Linda A. McFadden Criminal - Appellate Presiding Judge
  4 Carrie M. Stephens Criminal - Presiding Judge
  5 Valli Israels Criminal
  6 Jeff Mangar Criminal - Misdemeanor
  7 Kellee C. Westbrook Criminal - Supervising Judge
  8 Robert B. Westbrook Criminal
  9 Marcus L. Mumford

CARE Court (M); Criminal Misdemeanor (T-Th);

Specialty Court (F)-Comm. Beeson

10 Saul Garcia Criminal - Misdemeanor
11 Alan K. Cassidy Family Law - Supervising Judge
12 Maria Elena Ramos Ratliff Criminal - Arraignments
13 Joseph R. Distaso Family Law
14 Sweena Pannu Family Law
15 Commissioner Kenneth Hara

Child Support-DCSS (M-Th);

LPS Conservatorships (F)-Judge Mumford

16 - Closed
17 Rubén A. Villalobos Juvenile Justice
18 Annette Rees Juvenile Dependency - Presiding Juvenile Judge
19 Commissioner Jared D. Beeson Unlawful Detainer / Small Claims
20 Commissioner Janine L. Highiet Traffic
21 John R. Mayne Civil
22 Stacy P. Speiller Civil / Probate
23 John D. Freeland Civil - Supervising Judge
24 Sonny S. Sandhu Civil - Assistant Presiding Judge
25 David I. Hood Family Law / Mental Health

Revised 03/20/2024

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