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Results of the 39th Annual Stanislaus County Mock Trials Competition

Mock Trial

The Stanislaus County Mock Trial program provides high school students with the opportunity to experience the legal field in courtrooms rather than classrooms. The student teams take on the roles of lawyers and witnesses facing off on a hypothetical case in front of actual attorneys and superior court judges. Students develop an understanding and appreciation for the American judicial system and the rule of law. The program builds self-confidence and develops important life skills, including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication, and teamwork. Students gain knowledge of the link between the constitution and the law as applied by the courts and legal system.

This year, ten high schools competed in the annual event which is coordinated by the Stanislaus County Office of Education.  Each year’s trial cases are outlined by the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

Volunteer attorneys and judges were called on to support the competition. A total of 50 community attorneys served as scorers for the competition and eight judges presided over trials throughout the four nights of competition.

Thank you to the following offices and organizations as well as many local law offices for their support in the recruiting of volunteers to serve as presiding judges and attorney scorers: The Stanislaus County Bar Association, Stanislaus County Office of the County Counsel, Stanislaus County Office of the District Attorney, Stanislaus County Office of the Public Defender, the Superior Court of Stanislaus County, and the Wray Ladine Inn of Court.

The Mock Trial Championship round took place on March 2 between Beyer and Gregori High Schools. Congratulations to Beyer High School's team who won and advanced to represent Stanislaus County at the State Mock Trial competition held on March 17-19 in Los Angeles.

Mock Trials final results are:

Winner for this year’s competition: Beyer High School
Runner-up team: Gregori High School 
Wray Ladine Inn of Court Spirit of Stanislaus County Mock Trial Award & Scholarship winner: Dhara Patel, Modesto High School
Ryan Dickerson Award for Excellence & Leadership in Mock Trial winner: Gage Fields, Big Valley Christian High School
Artist Contest winner: Eliana Gloria, Modesto High School, and Martin Montez, Gregori High School
Journalist Contest winner: Sabrina Toor, Modesto High School
Hall of Fame Coach Award:  Scott Mitchell, Modesto High School

    For additional information on the Stanislaus County Mock Trial competition, please visit: 

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